How to install the online master


  • Web Server(Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, etc) which is configured to serve at minimum the following MIME Types(available by default for recent versions of most web servers):
    • JSON (application/json)
    • XML (application/xml)
    • HTML (text/html)
    • JavaScript (text/javascript)
    • CSS (text/css)
    • JPG (image/jpeg)
    • PNG (image/png)
    • SVG (image/svg+xml)
    • SWF (application/x-shockwave-flash)
    • PDF (application/pdf)
    • MP4 (video/mp4)
  • Permission to serve content from the following set of dot-prefixed folders:
    • .drive
    • .gallery


  1. Unzip the downloaded master zip file by extracting it into a new directory
  2. Move the new directory to the desired location inside the configured directory for the Web Server